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Find the next BIG opportunity before someone else does!

Unleash the power of data to find the emerging trends, investors, and competitors in your industry. It's an almost real-time queryable database with all the startup funding data. Unlike newsletters, you can cut and slice the funding the data based on region, funding rounds, investors or industries.



What can you do with VC Deals Info?

<aside> 💻 For Startup Founders

Finding investors in your particular niche can be REAL hard. With 2 clicks you can filter the data to shortlist investors so you can spend your time building the product instead.


<aside> 💁 For Sales Rockstars

Startups experiencing growth have a lot of needs. You can be the first one to address those needs.


<aside> 🚀 For VCs

Tracking all the VC action happening in your industry can be overwhelming. Who wouldn't want to save time and cut out noisy newsletters, Google searches, and alerts?


<aside> 📩 Custom Email Digest (Coming Soon)

I know you're busy! Enable weekly digest based on custom filters to only get the most relevant information.


Here's the Sample Data



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